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About Us

The Sexual Integrity Project is a Christian nonprofit, founded in 2021, with a mission to bring healing and redemption to those dealing with sex addiction: infidelity and pornography consumption.  Since then, our vision has crystalized into three main initiatives:

  1. Active and accountable - with our anti sex trafficking efforts on the street: John University, prison, and Palace Recovery Groups: engaging with the men who buy sex.

  2. Proactive and preventative – with our Church Partners: providing recovery resources to men addicted to pornography… before it escalates and potentially destroys their marriage.

  3. Reactive and redemptive – with our Church Partners: raising a community of healing where both men and women can find recovery from their sex addictions, their betrayal traumas, and ultimately, to become stronger together as a couple and a family.  In place of divorcees, producing galvanized Christian “super couples” who can then pay it forward to others in need.

This is where revival begins in our churches: pouring into the lives of our members where they are the most broken.

Meet our Board of Directors

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Allan Teixeira, CEO & Executive Director of the Sexual Integrity Project: A "John's" Hope: Allan is a graduate of the University of Florida and has made his home in the Tampa Bay area since 1997.  He attends the North Tampa Church of Christ and is married with two children and two grandchildren.  A recovered sex buyer, Allan founded the Buyer Rehabilitation Project: A "John's" Hope in March of 2021 as a way to atone for his past behavior as well as to help his community by duplicating his healing experience in the lives of others.

David Hudson, President of the Sexual Integrity Project: A "John's" Hope: For the past three decades David has served as a pastor, teacher, and/or counselor.  In 2015, he retired from staff ministry positions to pursue a ministry in mental health counseling, joining with Life Builder Christian Counseling. Since 2015, David has focused on sex addiction and intimacy disorders.  Through this ministry, hundreds of men have been freed from their addiction, healed from their intimacy disorder, and have become the fathers, husbands, men, and leaders that God designed them to be.


Frank Fraser, Board Member and Secretary of the Sexual Integrity Project: A Canadian transplant and recent US Naturalized Citizen, Frank has worked in healthcare for the last 33 years, currently practicing anesthesia as a CRNA in Hernando County.  He has been with the ministry since 2022 and is actively continuing his own journey towards freedom.   Frank is married with 5 grown children and 2 grandchildren.


Michael E. Wasp, Board Member and Treasurer of the Sexual Integrity Project: Michael E. Wasp is a native out of New York. He has been a resident of Florida since 1999. He graduated Fordham University, NY fortunate to have earned a full academic athletic scholarship. His successful business career has allowed him to live in Houston, Washington D.C., Boston and Tampa. He is in a wonderful relationship and is proud to have 2 sons, a daughter, a granddaughter, and a grandson on the way. Struggling with an internet porn addiction led him to North Tampa Church of Christ who sponsors a Men's Recovery Group. This past year has been a blessing to his continued recovery.


Lee Schielka, Board Member of the Sexual Integrity Project: Pastor/founder of Gosofree prison ministry (this ministry provides incarcerated Christians with modest amounts of spending money so that they may buy stamps etc. at the commissary to stay in touch with their loved ones). He is also an outreach director of Bay Chapel food pantry (through Lee's hard work and leadership this ministry feeds 300+ families per week). Lee and his lovely wife Michelle have a total of nine children and make their home in Wesley Chapel. 

Neal Pharr, Spiritual Advisor to the Sexual Integrity Project: A "John's" Hope: Neal has been the senior minister for the North Tampa Church of Christ since 2004. He is married with two sons.  He is actively involved with the men’s ministry of the church and works with teens to seniors in helping them find freedom in Christ.

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