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at the Sexual Integrity Project


Active Recovery Groups


Recovered Sex Buyers

> 123,233

Hours of Time w/Porn Displaced

> $2,456,933

Removed from Illegal Sex Market


People in Recovery


Marriages Saved


Displaced Trafficked Person Years

> $1,600,000

Removed from Illegal Drug Market


Individual Therapy Scholarships

> 18,255

Sex Purchases Displaced


Displaced Trafficker Years


Forced Abortions Avoided

At the Sexual Integrity Project: A “John’s” Hope, we focus on solving the sex trafficking problem in our community by reducing demand.  Plainly stated:

unless and until men stop buying sex, the problem will persist.

We believe that sex buyer behavior is oftentimes rooted in addiction and that is where the solution to the problem lies.  In fact, many buyers addicted to sex suffer from what is called an intimacy disorder.

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The good news is that while overcoming sex addiction/intimacy disorder is time consuming and extremely difficult, it is not impossible.  In fact, there are several Christian and secular recovery programs originally designed to help men overcome pornography addiction, which have been proven successful.  Interestingly, these programs have also proven effective in helping sex buyers to overcome their addiction as well, thereby erasing the future sex buying activity which would have otherwise occurred.

Our approach is custom tailored to the individual sex buyer. Sobriety is normally achieved within the first three to six months; however, permanent recovery requires an investment of approximately 200 recovery hours – that’s weekly two-hour group meetings for two years. During this process, the recovering buyer focuses on independent study of the specific healing resources that he needs together with individual, marital and family therapy where needed – within the safety and support of a recovery group.

Restore and Recover

Connection and Community

Most importantly, the Sexual Integrity Project provides a community of recovered sex buyers who are able to mentor, sponsor, and lead those who start out in the program, providing them with a safe group of men who have won their own battles against sex addiction, who understand both the problem and its solution intimately, and who can therefore be trusted with the type of candid conversations necessary for healing. 

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In a recent case study of our recovered “Johns”, we learned by using this demand reduction approach, that a future sex purchase can be eliminated for a rehabilitative investment of just $10.


By extension, this means that it only takes about $100 to bring one day of freedom to a trafficked person and $500 to put a human trafficker out of business for one day.

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